May 16, 2017

Hotspot Services

Fiber-SAT ISP offers highly secure, fast & reliable Wi-Fi-based hotspots Internet services through the industry

’s highest standard wireless AP’s providing network and/or Internet access to mobiles, laptop, smart devices typically located in pub
lic locations where you can take your laptop or other device and wirelessly connects to the Internet.

Enjoying fast & incredible Internet speed on the go with Fiber-SAT hotspot services. Our hotspot coverage areas include shopping malls, universities, residential areas, health care centers and trade centers. By having membership contract with Fiber-SAT you will have user & password access and enjoy utilizing high quality of Internet services. Hotspot Internet packages on users demand that covers your requirements, stay connected with your businesses, friends, and families at all times.

Fiber-SAT hotspot services are supportable in military camps and international organizations upon their requirements. Hotspot user management can easily support through high standard devices and servers. The hotspot coverage allows the users access to Internet services by only having single user & password, which will be allocated separately for each user. Unlimited packages with high quality, secure, fast and reliable Wi-Fi Internet access in the compound at the affordable cost.


No additional devices require.
No delay installation.
No device charges.
Easy payment (PayPal, Online Transfer, Cheque, and cash).
Registered personal User ID & Password.
Use anytime and place under the coverage area.
Online, on Call & Onsite 24/7 support.
Fiber-SAT provides user based cost effective, reliable and high-performance Internet services to end users through hotspot coverage.